Mrs. Rudiak’s Weekly Classroom News Week of 2/17-2/21

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Greetings Parents!

This week in math the students will be working on multiplying fractions and mixed numbers, as well as reducing and simplifying fractions. It is so great to see the students collaborating and challenging each other in their math work.

In science we are continuing our physical science unit and learning about contact forces such as, friction, pushing, pulling, and air resistance. We are also discussing non- contact forces such as gravity, electromagnetic, and magnetic forces.

In writing we are drafting, editing, and writing final drafts on persuasive essays. I’m so proud of the discussions the students are having conversations about to help fuel their opinions and writing  such as cell phone use, fun Fridays instead of lessons, what foreign language is best to learn in school etc.

In reading we are still focusing on non-fiction and informational pieces of literature. Specifically identifying fact vs. opinion, point of view, and tone.

World War 2 is our topic in Social Studies. The students have taken a great interest in military tactics, weapons, leaders, as well as The United State’s involvement in the war.

I am looking forward to another great week!

Kind Regards,

Lorraine Rudiak