Rudiak’s Weekly Newsletter 1/31

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Dear Parents,

This week the students were able to complete most of their science/stem project work. They will be making class presentations and turning in their research reports on Friday, 2/7. If your child will not be in school that day, please have him/her let me know so we can make arrangements for another day. Also, we have a very low supply of pencils and no pencil sharpener. I have asked the students to bring in pencils for themselves as well as a hand held pencil sharpener. Along with pencils/ a sharpener, students need to keep a book of choice with them in their backpacks. I have grade level novels in my class, however, it would be best if they have a book of their choice. I would like the students to work on building their reading stamina and therefore will be incorporating 20- 30 minutes of weekly reading.

Next week we will start persuasive/argumentative essays in writing class.  We will be nearing the end of WW1 and moving on to WW2 in Social Studies. In science we will continue with physical science including how to calculate speed and other topics of motion. We have finished our unit on Equations and are moving on to Number Theory and Operations. In reading the students will continue with non-fiction including first hand accounts, speeches, articles, and autobiographical and biographical excerpts. Also, as  reminder, Wednesday we will be taking both class and individual pictures.


Have a great week-end!


Kind Regards,




Mrs Lorraine Rudiak

7th / 8th Reading and Social Studies Teacher

6th Choices and Challenges Teacher